Design – Open Space: Narcissism

Design – Open Space: Narcissism


As a result of many queries about 2 paragraphs of our contest rules we

herebly announce two changes in contest rules: § 6. TERMS AND CONDITIONS

point 2. and 11. and also: § 11. FINAL PROVISIONS, point 5. Thank you for

all submitted works, we await in anticipattion for new ones!

The second edition of the Design Open Space Contest has been launched. The project is one of the events forming the core of the International Festival of Good Projects Wroclove Design.

Wroclove Design is the first event on this scale in this part of the country – a real fusion of design, art and business. Its mission is to connect, open and exchange experiences.

What makes a good project?

Is it the concept behind the act of creation or the way the product meets and creates needs?

Perhaps – in accordance with the Platonic idea where good = beauty – the value of the project lies in its aesthetic form?

Or maybe its worth is determined by its commercial success? Some people believe that a „good product“ shall fulfill its functions while being at the same time environment-friendly and aesthetic.

Or maybe a good project should simply spoil the user – meet our narcissistic needs and desires of being enriched, helped, fulfilled, shaped and defined by something or someone else?

Is a narcissistic indulgence only an action in the Here and Now or has it got potential in the future?

Children, adults, seniors – we are all the same person placed in different points in the timeline. This realisation, paradoxically, introduces an element of empathy in the world of the great „I“.

What is designing process in the narcissistic world like?

The motto of the second edition of the Open Space Design contest is Narcissism.

Wanted: good projects, original products and prototypes.

For: professional designers, design studios, debutants and students.For everyone over 18 years old.

We expect : innovative, creative, socially engaged and functional projects.

The prize: a presentation at the international festival next to the works by recognized Polish and European designers. Your work will be judged by the Jury composed of designers and design. The exhibition of 30 winners will be widely promoted in the media. We are also planning several exhibitions following the competition in Poland and in Europe.

Show us your NARCISSISM!                                           

Deadline: 03/30/2014 at .23.59

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