Ришард Криницки е лауреат на литературната награда „Збигнев Херберт“ 2015

Ришард Криницки е лауреат на литературната награда „Збигнев Херберт“ 2015

 Ришар Криницки е лауреатът на литературната награда „Збигнев Херберт“ за 2015 г.

Прзе 2011 г. Ришард Криницки беше гост на Полския институт по повод публикуването на български език на стихосбирката му „Камък, скреж“ (Издателство „Стигмати”, 2011, превод – Вера Деянова, худ. Яна Левиева).

Press release

Warsaw March 9 2015

Ryszard Krynicki

Polish poet, translator and publisher, Laureate

The Zbigniew Herbert International Literary Award 2015

Warsaw March 9 2015. The Zbigniew Herbert Foundation announced the name of the Laureate of the Zbigniew Herbert International Literary Award 2015. The honour went to Ryszard Krynicki – eminent Polish poet, poetry translator, among others, of works by Paula Celana, co-founder of the a5 Publishing House.

„The news that I had become the laureate of the Zbigniew Herbert Award, after such wonderful poets as William Stanley Merwin and Charles Simic – surprised me no end. I continue to find it difficult to believe. I do not feel worthy, yet am much moved and very happy” – commented Ryszard Krynicki on hearing the news that he had received the Award. “On such a joyful day I think back to an equally happy day in my life, when nearly exactly forty years ago, in February1975, in Poznań, during an official reunion of the ZLP (Polish Writers’ Union), in the apartment of my friends Anna and Stanisław Barańczak, I received – equally unexpectedly – The Independent Poets Prize – founded by a dozen Polish poets at the behest of Zbigniew Herbert and Antoni Słonimski – from the hands of Zbigniew Herbert himself. I regarded the great distinction then, above all, as a gesture of solidarity with an author condemned by the authorities to a silent existence. I thank the esteemed poets and members of the jury of the Zbigniew Herbert Award, I thank the Foundation that bears his name, I thank fate for yet another unexpected gift – because after all for me the great prize was, above all, to be given the opportunity of meeting Zbigniew Herbert in my life”.

Born in 1943, Ryszard Krynicki debuted in 1968 with a Collection bearing the distinctive title "Speed of Chase, Speed of Light” (Pęd pogoni, pęd ucieczki). Krynicki’s poetic diction changed over decades. It evolved from violence and anxiety to meditative concentration and ascetics. Personality lies at the base of the writer’s transformation, his spiritual fervour, individuality, resulting – due to a search for the truth of words and a conviction of the necessity of putting them at the service of good – in a repeated choice of poetic silence. Silence. Ryszard Krynicki has published more than 15 volumes of poetry. In recent years, he published a collection of poems, among others, “Stone, frost” (Kamień, szron), “Selected Poems” (Wiersze wybrane), “Crossed-out Beginning” (Przekreślony początek) and “Haiku. Haiku of Masters” (Haiku. Haiuku mistrzów).

The Zbigniew Herbert International Literary Award is a new distinction on the literary world stage – primarily in the field of poetry. It is conferred since 2013 inrecognition of outstanding artistic and intellectual literary achievements which have a bearing on the values towards which Zbigniew Herbert’s work gravitated – the author of “Mr Cogito” (Pan Cogito), “Report from the Besieged City” (Raport z oblężonego miasta), or a volume of essays “Barbarians in the Garden” (Barbarzyńca w ogrodzie).
This year’s Laureate was chosen by a seven member, international Jury, composed of poets, essayists, translators and publishers: Lidija Dimkovska (Macedonia/Slovenia), Edward Hirsch (USA), Michael Krüger (Germany), Jarosław Mikołajewski (Poland), Mercedes Monmany (Spain), Agneta Pleijel (Sweden), and Tomas Venclova (Lithuania/USA).

Jaroslaw Mikołajewski, poet and translator, argued: “The international jury designated Ryszard Krynicki as the winner of the III edition of the Zbigniew Herbert Award, in recognition of his great ambition for words, honesty in the search for truth and the source of brotherhood of all creatures. In respect for the long poetic road taken, that via linguistic experiment and a sensitivity towards social problems, led him to and endearing empathy towards all existence; from an illustrative poem to a taciturn work, where the poet hides behind that which is greater than himself”.
Edward Hirsch, American poet, and this year's Jury Chairman, added: “Krynicki has tried to answer Herbert’s challenge and call by writing a poetry of high seriousness.  His work is greatly compacted.  It resists what Herbert called ‘gibberish from the tribune black newspaper froth,’ and aspires to a kind of sacred speech.  In the early stages of his career he was also one of the so-called linguistic poets.  His dense verbal play, his allusive language, was always a way of challenging official speech and ideology, normative language, normative feeling.”
Katarzyna Herbert, the poet’s widow, also commented on the Jury’s verdict: “I am quite convinced that Herbert himself would be delighted to learn that Ryszard Krynicki had become the laureate of an award named after him. From themoment they became personal friends, over forty years ago, my husband valued Ryszard’s work and his civic and moral attitude, whilst all at once maintaining an almost fatherly approach – they were bound by a deep friendship for reasons of a spiritual similarity.

It was no coincidence that one of his poems is a letter addressed to Krynicki. I myself greatly respect Ryszard’s unwavering poetic consistency, as well as being very grateful that Zbigniew Herbert’s poems have found such a safe haven, and the best possible care in the hands of the owners and founders of the a5 Publishing House”.

“You could say that this award is a complement or culmination of a long journey that Zbigniew Herbert and Ryszard Krynicki both undertook together. At its very beginning, at the turn of the 1970s, there is the criticism to which Herbert’s creativity was subjected by those entering the literary world, poets of a generation known as the ‘New Wave’. Very quickly, however, Herbert becomes for Krynicki someone fundamentally important, a master, a model as much poetic as moral, of which numerous traces can be easily found in his work, if only by enumerating poems that evoke the »The Master, / Mr Cogito, / The Prince of Poets «. Let us finally recall the effort Krynicki’s – the editor put into deciphering Herbert’s manuscripts, thanks to which Recall finally toil that Krynicki – the editor put into deciphering Herbert’s manuscripts, thanks to which appeared his volume of ‘Uncollected Works (Reconnaisance)’ (Utwory rozproszone (Rekonesans))” – commented Andrzej Franaszek , critic and the Award Jury Secretary.

"News about the consecutive winner of the Zbigniew Herbert Award gave me great pleasure. I am glad that the jury this year decided to honour an author from our country, as if reminding us that thanks to such writers as Miłosz, Herbert, Różewicz or Wisława Szymborska, –  Polish poetry has found itself at the very centre of contemporary world literature. The work of their successors is also ever more evident in the world; something that I am very much aware of, seeing how the Book Institute (Instytut Książki) supports the translations of Polish literature. But the choice of Ryszard Krynicki is also important to me personally: I know him; I have truly respected and admired him for many years. I believe that his oft repeated confession of faith in the power of truth and goodness, should serve us all as a signpost in our lives, as well as a pledge” – emphatically summed up Grzegorz Gauden, director of the Book Institute.

The Award Presentation Ceremony will be held on May 12 2015 at the Polish Theatre (Teatr Polski), Warsaw. The Award is funded by PKN ORLEN – Sponsor of the Zbigniew Herbert International Literary Award – composed of a statuette and a cheque for fifty thousand American dollars.

The Zbigniew Herbert Award Project has also received a subsidy from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland. Zbigniew Herbert Foundation partners: The National Library (Biblioteka Narodowa), The Adam Mickiewicz Institute (Instytut Adama Mickiewicza), and the Warsaw based Arnold Szyfman Polish Theatre (Teatr Polski im Arnolda Szyfmana).

More information about the Zbigniew Herbert International Literary Award at:

•          www.fundacjaherberta.com

•          www.facebook.com/FundacjaHerberta

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