Shakespeare’s 450th Birthday

Shakespeare’s 450th Birthday
Shakespeare’s 450th Birthday: 23rd April 2014, 21:30

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…Can „one thousand athletes, with muscles of steel, who each ate one thousand cutlets in one meal“… lift such a load?

– Can a famous strongman open the roof of which a single wing weights 40 tons?

– How many actors can perform on top of a 100–metre long wall?

– What treasures are hidden within the Theatre?

All these questions shall be answered during the First Public Roof Opening of the Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre.

Celebrating the 450th birthday of William Shakespeare, our one of a kind theatre building will come alive and open itself up – to the World, the Art, and all the Spectators. Emerging from the evening scenery in an intricate show of lights and projections, the building will light up, as the wall surrounding it becomes the kingdom of acrobats, dancers and actors. Music shall fill the air when Tradition and Art, awakened from their slumber, bestow life upon the new Theatre.

Among the creators of the event are: Wojciech Misiuro, Zofia de Ines, Justyna Łagowska, Maciej Szupica, and Olo Walicki. The idea of the performance was created by Professor Jerzy Limon. Participants of the performance include: Mariusz Pudzianowski, Gdynia Acrobatic Dance Theatre Mira–Art (choreography by Mirosława Kister-Okoń), actors of Miniatura City Theatre and the Music Theatre in Gdynia, as well as students of the Danuta Baduszkowa Vocal and Acting School.

The event will take place at the construction site of the new Shakespearean Theatre building at Boguslawskiego Street in Gdansk. Special sectors for the audience will be appointed along the street, with the addition of specially prepared bleachers. Free invitations required to participate in the event will be available from 7th April across Tricity at the following venues:

TwO Windows Theatre (ul. Długa 50/51)
Wojewódzka i Miejska Biblioteka Publiczna (Targ Rakowy 5/6)
Biblioteka Manhattan (Aleja Grunwaldzka 82)
City Culture Institute (Długi Targ 39/40)
Palarnia Kawy café (ul. Tkacka 7/8)
Café Absinthe (ul. Św. Ducha 2)
Klub Atelier (Al. Mamuszki 2)
Młody Byron café (Dworek Sierakowskich, Józefa Czyżewskiego 12)
Śródmieście restaurant (ul. Mściwoja 9)

Participation is tantamount to acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of the „First Public Roof Opening“ event.

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