The new edition of the ‘Ready, Study, Go! Poland’ campaign

The new edition of the ‘Ready, Study, Go! Poland’ campaign

The new edition of the ‘Ready, Study, Go! Poland’ campaign

We have launched a new web page: We did it thanks to the efforts of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. This web page is targeted toward foreigners who are interested in studying in Poland.

The portal is already available in English and Portuguese. We are working on other language versions, including Russian, Chinese and Ukrainian.

Its great advantage is the searchable database, Studyfinder, with which one may easily find fields of study conducted in Poland in foreign languages at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels, including MBA type programmes. This is a unique application, because its content is developed and edited in real-time by the participating universities (both public and private) themselves, in terms of their own curriculum. On the web page’s launch date, the database already included more than 500 study programmes.

The portal also provides other practical information. It answers questions like why it is worth studying in Poland, what are the underlying principles of Poland’s higher education system or how to prepare for one’s departure to Poland.

‘More and more Polish students go abroad to study, to complete student training or as a benefit of a scholarships. It is also worth popularizing Poland as a place to study for foreigners. This is a large-scale exchange of experiences and skills. The increasing number of foreigners studying at Polish institutions of higher education provides an opportunity for universities as well as a great challenge to create good conditions for these students’, said the Minister of Science and Higher Education, Professor Lena Kolarska-Bobinska.

Presently, 32 thousand of foreigners study in Poland. The government wishes that 5% of all students be foreign students by 2020.



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